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Twilight Prisoner

After traveling to New York City's ghostly underworld, Jack Perdu has made it back aboveground, to join the living. But if he's alive, why is he still seeing ghosts?

Jack tries hard to fit in at his new school—and tries even harder to win the affections of his Latin classmate and friend, Cora. In an effort to impress her, Jack leads Cora to the entrance of the underworld and makes a terrible mistake. Soon they have crossed the threshhold—and this time, there may be no getting back...

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Hyperion Books, Hardcover, April 2009, ISBN: 9781423106937
Hyperion Books, Paperback, April 2010, ISBN: 9781423106944


"Readers should be drawn in by the complex relationships between Marsh's protagonists and Jack's continuing existential struggles, caught between the worlds of the living and the dead."
   —Publishers Weekly, starred review

"The plot is lavishly draped with snappy dialogue, realistic teen characters and clever didn't-see-it-coming twists. An outstanding story with wide appeal."
   —Kirkus Review

"The allusions to ancient gods may draw fans of Rick Riordan's popular series Percy Jackson and the Olympians. However, the dark humor and poignant exchanges between the dead and living put this novel closer in tone and sensibility to The Graveyard Book, by Neil Gaiman. Like that Newbery winner, The Twilight Prisoner will keep kids reading late into the balmy nights ahead."
   —Washington Post Book World Summer Reading Guide